“To the wonderful, caring, nurturing, educators at Smarty Pants,

I cannot believe it is 6 months into the year, and that we have almost finished term 2 of the school year…where does the time go??

I just wanted to share with you how well Ollie is doing at big school. He is loving it, and by all reports is an enthusiastic and confident learner, a helper in the classroom, and a caring and considerate friend. I’m not sharing this to brag (although I am very proud), but I wanted to share this because they are equally your achievements. Each of the staff that cared for Ollie during his time at Smarty Pants has had a real and lasting impact, and has helped build the positive foundation for his school experience. What you all do matters and I am grateful for you all. Thank you. ”

“I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you and your wonderful staff for the care you have given to Alfie and Jack over many years now. 

Smarty Pants is an exceptional day care service. We are so pleased that the boys have been lucky enough to attend as they have been so very happy in your care.”

“The children all looked settled and happy with hands on staff. Everyone we have spoken to in the community have said how wonderful Smarty Pants is and the staff.”